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There’s thunder in the distance and a wild beast did growl
The Joker and the thief have long been on the prowl
They’ve failed to knock the gates down
Or wash away the scars
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars

~ Yours Truly (with a li’l help from Bob and good ol’ Will S.)

The Italian Job

A picture of the Italian prime minister welcoming back two brave Italian marines should not raise eyebrows, right? But what if I told you that these marines had shot dead two poor Indian fishermen without any provocation, that these trigger happy marines had then tried to justify their actions by saying that they had tried to shoot warning shots into the water “some of which went in the wrong direction” and hit Gelastine (45) and Ajesh Binki (25) resulting in their deaths. Would you still consider them heroes fit to be welcomed by the premier of a their nation (poor fellows, weren’t trained to handle guns properly)? View full article »

Tonight, as you finish your sumptuous dinner and take to your soft bed in your comfortable air conditioned room, try to imagine their plight. The plight of those millions who will go to sleep under the stars, with no soft pillow under their head, no blanket to cover them, no food in their belly, no walls to protect their dignity, those millions who have been condemned to a life of wretched misery and impoverishment.

In Odisha entire villages of tribal people have been evicted from the only place they called home for hundreds of years. Apparently they did not know that the forest belonged to the government and to the giant corporations who mine copper. These corporations are not ungenerous, in return for the land and livelihoods that they have usurped, they have provided color TVs and satellite cable connections. View full article »

Dark City

Like a bright ship in a dark sea, our bus sailed on, lighting its immediate vicinity but failing to penetrate the endless darkness beyond. The streetlights, heads bowed with shame, stood in the shadows like an army of impotent spectators. There was tension in the air, people talked in hushed voices lest they disturb some unknown beast lurking in the darkness. Ghostly figures passed by, like in some macabre film noir movie, sometimes briefly, almost indecently, exposed by our lights.

This great city has taken a new avatar, tonight she is the Dark City.

There it was, a beautiful black beetle, walking forlornly up the twig that I was holding. It walked till it had reached the end and could go no further. It hesitated, shot a glance in my direction and then spread its wings. In an instant the black melted away into a brilliant orange and it was gone. Seeking out a quiet and shady spot in the wet grass under the mango tree.

As I lay enthralled, watching this miracle of nature, people around me were talking about the weather, about politics and about things that seemed distant and unimportant.

Hello world!

This happens to be my first post on this blog and apart from stating the obvious, I also blog.

WordPress is new to me but looks interesting. I have been blogging on Blogger for some time now, you can click here if you want a sneak peek of my other blog.

I am not a regular blogger neither am I much good, but I try to write what I feel. I write mostly on things that affect me the most, and these ‘things’ can range from happenings at office to the latest oil spill. To cut a long story short I do not blog on any particular issue or agenda.

So here’s to blogging on WordPress!